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Contribution Page for the Poodle Health Registry

This database is being used to furnish information to the Poodle Health Registry.   The information gathered here will also be used in the Paradox Runtime CD (program is copyright by Lynn Brucker) that is given to any Poodle Health Researcher who desires to have pedigree information.  This CD will also be made available to anyone making a donation of $50 or more to the Poodle Club of America Foundation, INC. and will be at PCA.

This is not "real time".  When you submit a dog to be added, then it is compared to other dogs that are already in the database and if it is not a duplicate, then it is added. 

We use the breedmate software found at http://www.breedmate.com/ and recommend it highly.

We recommend poodlepedigree.com for your use as an online live database.  We have some features here that are not available there, but they have several features not available to us here.

We hope you will add your pedigrees here for our researchers to use.  We will no longer be using uploads from data at poodlepedigree.com.  While combining databases, there are inevitably duplicates. If you see one in your own dogs, please let us know which is the incorrect dog so it can be deleted on the next upload from our files.  We are in the process of researching these as quickly as we can and deleting the extras. 

There are some standards in this database.   Some of them are here because they are found in the pedigrees of toys or minis.  Some of them may be here because we don't know the variety.  If you see errors in the variety in your pedigree, please let us know by using the "add a dog" page and we will correct that information.  It isn't always easy to know which variety a dog belongs in. 

Thank you for sharing your pedigrees for health researchers to use.

Eva Marie Mitchell and Charlene Brown

Contribution Page for the Poodle Health Registry