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Chocolate Drop Candy Kisses
(F) 27 Jul 1996, PP49342704, sb    [Breeding]   [Sibling]

Dick Teddy Bear Dj's
28 Sep 1989
PC263729 br
Neko Poppos Dj

Stoney Ridge Tigger Harris
01 Jan 1984
PB760987 cr
AM CH Judara Nobles Jetsetter
28 Feb 1981
PB569744 w
AM CH Madera Syntifny Pace Setter
08 Jun 1979 PB364300 w
Merri-Land's Premium
Ladyluk Woman of the World
04 Jul 1982
PB643186 cr
AM CH Langcroft Man About Town
20 Oct 1977 PB189897 cr
Clardon's Meter Maid
07 Oct 1978 PB285447 cr
Coal Co
05 Jan 1984
PB773589 b
Sir Cinder

Wolf's Wee Willie
01 Mar 1977
PB139544 b
Sadie Lady Harris
07 Mar 1978
PB203570 b
Holl-'r-For Tiny Elfy
15 Dec 1968
NB615683 b
Copeland's French Taco's Tigar
NA683418 b
Holl-R'-For Richardson's Penny
Ricci's Countess Cheri
12 Nov 1973
PA831401 b
Black Baron of Dover
08 Jul 1969 NB599154 b
Ricci's Lady Fifi
01 Apr 1971 PA195351 s
Wk's Zsa Zsa

PP38045504 sb
Wk's Tiny Tim

Veenendall's Skeeter
16 Jan 1989
PC254803 s
Stony Ridge Angel of Love
30 May 1987
PC037388 w
Panda's Generic Spots

PP31070701 b&w
Braasch's Perky Red Pa'peri
02 Feb 1990
PP22713002 a
Braasch's Tojoe Pa'peri

PC202206 cr
Puffy's Honey Buffette
PB940841 w
Fawna'lea A'denia Pa'peri
PB737977 cr
Braasch's Tanya Red Lynn

PC139405 a
Neuburg's Red Ruby
PB786796 r
Donna's Rae Lucy Lynn A Lou
PB839827 a
Cocoa La Hershey
13 Oct 1984
PB831704 br
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